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Eldest, Eragon, Brisingr AudioBooks - Christopher Paolini

Eldest, Eragon, Brisingr AudioBooks - Christopher Paolini

The Inheritance Cycle, formerly the Inheritance Trilogy, is a series of fantasy novels written by author Christopher Paolini that has sold more than 8 million copies worldwide. Eragon, Eldest and Brisingr is set the fictional land of AlagaŽsia, there was once an organization of people who governed the country and brought peace to the world. This group was known as the Dragon RidersĖ in the Ancient Language, Shur'tugalĖ for they rode Dragons, with which they had long since made a great bond. One Dragon Rider named Galbatorix had his dragon slain by the troll-like Urgals. Denied another Dragon by the council, Galbatorix was driven into madness and sought to destroy the Dragon Riders. He stole a black dragon, whom he named Shruikan. He forced Shruikan to do his bidding, and, finally, with his dragon and the Thirteen Forsworn, Riders-turned-traitors, he destroyed the Riders and their dragons. Since then, he has ruled AlagaŽsia as king.

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